Website Tune-up

Website Renovation

A new cleaned up, mobile-friendly navigation, an improved header and footer and a better overall mobile experience could give your old website that touched-up, modern look that will keep your website producing leads.

Website Renovation

A website renovation is a good option for companies with existing websites that have become out of date and lacking modern features such as lack of mobile friendly pages and unsecured pages. This website renovation would buy your organization time until you are ready for a new website and online marketing effort.

Give your website a makeover

Sometimes, a website just needs a few touches to bring it up to current standards. This can be specially true of a website’s navigation and functionality, which can become dated with time.

We can make a few changes of a lot of changes, depending on the needs of your website. We will audit your website and make recommendations on what will make the most dramatic improvements.

Let your website keep up with your growing business with an updated modern online presence

You will be surprised with the cost savings of renovating a website compared to starting from scratch. As long as the website has a solid infrastructure, a website renovation can often be a less costly alternative to building a new website from scratch.

Mobile Responsive Design

Mobile device use to browse the web is fast growing to overtake desktops. A mobile responsive design has become necessary in a modern website.

Modern and Fresh Design

Website designs are constantly evolving and what was considered a good design a few years ago today might be considered outdated.

Fast Loading Website

A recent study has found that 40% website visitors abandon a website if the load time is longer than 3 seconds. Google has taken notice and website speed is now considered on rankings.

Google Analytics Set-up

Are you wondering where your visitors are coming from or what is your most popular content? Visitor analytics will allow you to get to understand your visitors and enhance their experience.

Start Renovating Your Website Now